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Hannah A.
Toronto, Canada 


Gilly, is a phenomenal, brilliant, amazing soul. Her reading is the epitome of soul-searching as it enables you to think through what it means to be your better self.

It will be one of the most brilliant and existentially satisfying experiences you will have.


Ji Yun K.
South Korea


Gill has her own energy that makes people happy. She has special talents in reading and taking care of people's thoughts, minds, and feelings. By sharing your worries, and burdens of life with her, you will see new dimensions of life that enlighten your life! Don't hesitate to contact her.


Gillian helped me by providing an environment of non-judgment and loving support so that I could open myself up to the possibilities in the universe. I consider Gillian a personal and spiritual role model. She has always accepted me for who I am at each moment in my life.

Jennifer O.



Gillian has always been the most naturally positive and glowing energy in my life, who radiates love, warmth and goodness. Her readings for me have always been dead on and full of insight, care, and patience.

Suzanna S.
Toronto, Canada



GIllian is absolutely amazing, her readings are very accurate, and she is very detailed too leaving no room for confusion. 

She is my life coach.


Nolu H.
South Africa


Image by christian buehner

Joshua W.
Nova Scotia, Canada 


Her skill with the Tarot cards is at the highest level. Her gentle honesty and guidance gives one the confidence to make big changes in their lives if big changes are called for. Gillian is the real deal! Not only does she create a welcoming, peaceful atmosphere, but the accuracy is incredible!


Zahra B.
Toronto, Canada


Gillian’s voice and presence is instantly calming. I felt like I was being held just from talking with her.

Being heard and held without feeling judged is a rare experience and Gillian delivers that presence effortlessly and with love.


Gillian created a warm, comfortable and safe environment. I had a great experience and she brought to light things I had been thinking of. I felt reassured and re-energized after our session.

Kofi G.


Head Shot_Jan 11 (1) (1) (1).jpg

Gillian made my birthday celebration so special. Her energy is so warm, and we all felt safe with her. She was professional, prompt and pleasant throughout all communication.

Carina S.
Toronto, Canada



Gillian is a beautiful spirit with a lot of heart.  I felt taken care of, I felt understood and the tarot/astrology reading was catered to me as a person, my life stage and current mindset. I would definitely recommend anyone in need of authentic, relevant life advice.

Nisha D.
Sri Lanka



Ralph H.
Toronto, Canada 


Gilly is a wonderful person and an incredibly talented psychic. She has a very poetic approach to the cards that immediately puts you at ease. I can’t recommend her highly enough.


Tasha S.
Atlanta, USA


Gillian is an amazing woman and Life Coach! She is great at listening and providing positive feedback. Gillian provided me with tools and self-empowerment that allows me to be a better communicator. I am forever grateful and I highly recommend her!


Gillian is thoughtful, kind, and intuitive. She listens to you and reads your cards to not only tell you about your future but about your choices in life. Her style is to help you move towards a better, more peaceful self.

Vivian N.
California, USA 



​​I’ve had a few readings from Gillian, and she is incredibly authentic as a tarot reader, as well as a communicator. She’s given me some real insights into my relationships and career.

Christine S.
Flordia, USA



Gillian sees things from a bright and positive perspective way. She always listens and remembers what you have told her. She has made me a more loving person and reminds me not to forget to open my mind and not so afraid anymore.

Nina S.


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