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About Me


My Passion

I am a radiant, deeply soulful, uplifting being. I’ve enjoyed providing tarot readings for clients for over eighteen years.  I love supporting clients through life transitions and achieving goals through life coaching sessions.


I’ve been a director at a non-profit, a teacher, professor, and now I am studying to be a psychotherapist.


Read my story and journey with psychotherapy here


Fun Facts

  • Meditation, journaling, and moving my body are essential daily practices.

  • I’ve travelled to over 40 countries.

  • I’ve lived in Ghana, Spain, and Korea.

  • I’m a Libra and Sagittarius (rising and moon).

  • I love to dance, paint, and do nail art.

  • Novice chess player.


Still curious to know more?

Check out and follow my travel blog here and my travel YouTube channel here.

Honouring Our Land & First Nations People
Image by Andrew James
Native Drums

I honour all of the First Nations People and their land with great gratitude and reverence.

I am continuously educating and sharing my knowledge of the genocide and displacement of First Nations People.


I am deeply saddened and personally affected by the enslaved Africans, Asians, and South East Asians

whose labour built Canada during the colonial era and beyond.

I resonate and heal with you from the generational hurt inflicted upon the First Nations communities and People of Colour across Canada, which inspires my profound ongoing work mentally, physically, and spiritually/energetically.

I see YOU.

I feel YOU.

Let's heal TOGETHER.

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