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What's a Psychic Brunch like in Toronto?

A Published Review

Review @ Psychic Brunch

By Aubrey Jax

Originally blog published here.

"Witter's reading style is more flamboyant. Her cards are decorated like dreamy covers of Harlequin fantasy novels (I love it!). She really wants to talk about my love life, and while her reading doesn't resonate like Hamelman's, chatting with her is soothing.

I talk shop with Witter between readings and she dishes about psychic life. Witter herself got started after another psychic's reading inspired her to buy a tarot deck to use on friends, who soon told her she was so skilled they felt bad not paying for the service, and began recommending her to others. If a reading is particularly intense, she has scented oils on hand to calm a client down before they go back to real life. I remember frazzled TTC rides home and mentally noting that my therapist ought to try that same idea.

Witter tells me about the psychic equivalent of Tupperware parties (private readings hosted in someone's home), that people will see the same reader for years once they find a good one, and that you shouldn't choose a psychic based on their neon sign - it's all about word of mouth. "Everyone has [psychic] abilities, but people block them" Witter also tells me, a line I've heard appropriated on more than one TV drama. I'm enjoying myself and I'm not freaked out anymore, but I take a whiff of the oils anyway.

While to me the benefits of seeing a trained therapist far outweigh visiting a gifted

card dealer, there's something to be said for gaining the intuition of both. Witter is clearly adept at forming a rapport with her clients that goes beyond charm-for-profit - in a lonely world, she's someone to talk to, trust, and be vulnerable with, with the cards as an icebreaker."

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