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Polished Stones

 Values Cards System 

[derived from Personal Values Card Sort, University of Mexico]


Time Commitment: 45 minutes


You can use this tool for everything from values for your romantic relationships, friendships, community needs, career, or life values. It's a great assessment tool to use every 6 months to see what's changed and to be attuned to your needs and wants.

📖 Instructions 📖


1.  Print or write out the values on individual cards/pieces of paper.


2.  Read and categorize. Is it important for my_______ to have this value? The categories are: very important (yes), important (maybe), or not important (no).

Throw away the 'no's and look through the maybe and see if any of them can be upgraded to a 'yes'.


3. Go through your yeses and pick out your top 10. Rank your top 10 from your most valued to less valued.


4. Assess your top 10 and evaluate if you possess these values. Whatever you may feel you are doing less of, that's your self-improvement focus. 


5. Now, focus on your top 5-10, and don't compromise. Find someone or something who reflects your values list.  


6.  Matching with a __________ that has those values and feels like a support.

Most importantly, are you reflecting the values you look for? 

Don't forget to send me your list.  I would love to see your values.

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