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Are psychics a hoax? Who can I trust?

From my experience, psychics are not hoaxes. It is important, when you approach a reader or psychic, that you keep an open mind and listen from your heart. My regular clients come to me because I am honest and share personal stories of my journey and healing process. Finding the right reader is like finding the right hairdresser. You need to do your research, try a few places, and get recommendations if you hope to consult someone long-term.

This work requires trust and connection. I recommend consulting the reader to get to know them a bit before you do a reading. You will hear about their experiences and their own healing journey. A good reader must do their work: they need their own emotional healing, too. This is important because readings are so personal. You don’t want the reader’s emotional energy to cloud or pour into a reading. Also, you’ll want to see a reader who is constantly trying to improve and evolve. This is a strong, positive sign that they will be able to understand, relate and share sound information, so you can learn how to connect to it and act upon it.

It’s also important when choosing a reader, to ask lots of questions about them and their healing path. Here are a few examples:

Have you done your own healing and emotional work? For how long?

How can I enhance or improve my own psychic or spiritual connection?

What is your daily spiritual practice?

What is your strongest gift?

What other things do you do besides psychic or tarot reading?

Do you teach others how to read or be intuitive?

What tools do you suggest for individuals to become more connected to their intuition or higher self?

Be aware of any negative experiences coming from the energy that surrounds the reader. If the reader is relying on you to pay the bills, they could possibly be more gifted at reading your body language or tone of voice than they are at reading the cards to understand what you want to learn.

Finally, many people want facts and need tangible, visible proof. Some are not comfortable putting faith into something they cannot see, although they may feel it. In fact, our natural ability is to be fully connected to our intuition, to be able to read the energy around us. However, some are resistant because, whether due to educational conditioning, social norms, our upbringing, or any past trauma, we may avoid or turn off these natural talents, out of fear.

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