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Financial Assessments & Budgeting

Time Commitment: 1-4 hours


The following tools can be used to test your financial knowledge and are supportive tools provided by the Government of Canada.
Please note that these tools are cater to Canadians and those living in Canada.

💰 Financial Assessment 💰

1. Assessment of your Financial knowledge


Financial Knowledge Assessment





2. Request your credit report. Please find the forms to fill out and send. The instructions are on the pdf.

The first step to fixing your credit report and improving your credit score is to review your credit report.  


Ask yourself these 2 important questions:


1. When was the last time I saw my official credit report?  


2. When was the last time I compared credit reports from the 2 major credit bureaus?


If you answered more than "2 months ago" to either question, then you need to act now!


Use the attachments to request your free credit report!


3. Reviewing and updating your budget regularly is key to financial well-being. You can now access your budget anytime from anywhere using your unique key:


📓 Budget Planner 📓




To create a new budget and generate a new key, please click on “Create a new budget” in the Budget Planner menu.


Note that the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) will not be able to retrieve your key for you if you lose it. Make sure to keep your key in order to retrieve your budget.


* Reach out to your local Employment Services for a free financial advisor.

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