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Career Reflections

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Time Commitment: 2-3 hours


These reflection questions are curated to help you to get clear about what is important to you when it comes to your career or business. These reflection questions ideally are to be uncovered after you are clear of your top ten values. If you haven't completed the value card system, please click here.

Set the Tone


Do this lovely clarification of your wants and needs when you feel good.


1. Set aside a day. 

2. Set the presence. You can set the tone at home. Enhance all your senses. Light candles, incense, or a diffuser with essential oils, have your favourite non-alcoholic beverage, set the lighting, and get comfortable in your space.


Go somewhere that you love (a park, by the lake or a pond, a coffee shop, or a restaurant,).

3. Buy a new notebook or journal and nice pens.

4. Bring or buy a favourite food or drink. 

5. Make a playlist or find music that makes you feel in love, joyful  and happy. 

Here is my favourite happy frequency background music here

6. Write your heart out and connect to your feelings.

📖 Instructions 📖


✍️ Career & Business Reflection Questions ✍️


You can use this outline to summarize and reflect on your career and your business.


Take some time in introspection to be clear about what YOU really need and want. 


Start each desire with I + your emotion....



List your desires in categories. What do you need - emotionally, mentally/intellectually, energetically/spiritually, financially, behaviorally, and socially?

Here are some prompt to support your reflections:

  • What do you need at a job physically (desk, chair, computer, clients, customers)

  • What do you want to be doing?

  • Who will you work with?

  • What is your supervisor like?

  • Who will you work for?

  • Do you own a business?

  • Where is it located? 

  • How far is the commute?

  • Is there room for you to grow?

  • How much money would you like to make?

  • How will you feel at the end of the day?

eg. I desire a work place within 30-minutes of travelling from my home.



Name the emotion associated with each desire.

eg. I feel satisfied and content.








































Name the feeling in your body associated with each desire and emotion. Check out some great descriptions of body sensations below or use your own words.

eg. I feel active yet grounded because I have more of my time..

Full Example

Category: Emotionally Desires

1.a) I desire a work place within 30-minutes of travelling from my home.

   b) I feel satisfied and content that I have more time for myself.

   c) I feel active yet grounded because I have more of my time.

   d) Close your eyes and imagine and example of this desire. Watch this shot visualization video here.

Write until you have nothing left to write. Leave room to add.




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